About Three Yellow Starfish

Three Yellow Starfish is a handmade shop that started in 2007. Through the progression in custom patterns and using some of the most beautiful designer fabrics, I am able to bring a modern flair to everyday children’s outfits.

I first began making children‘s clothing hoping to create some adorable outfits for my son, but it soon developed into a full time love of creating items for both boys and girls. Enticing color and beautiful designs lured me closer to creating dresses and more girly items but because I am developing new ideas and patterns every day, you will soon find that there’s something in store for every child.

Being a part of Etsy Dallas, a handmade group here in the DFW area, I have had the honor to learn and draw inspiration from some of the most talented handmade artists in Dallas, TX.

Best of all, my items are 100% U.S. made. In a time where most of the tags on the items we purchase say “Made in China” you will find that everything from the fabrics that I use to even the buttons that are sewn on are made in the USA. Each piece, handmade with love.

I enjoy having Three Yellow Starfish as my full-time output of creativity. It is the perfect way to express myself. I pay special attention to the fine detail and quality of each product. There’s nothing I like more than exciting parents all over the world with something that makes their little ones wardrobe unique, modern, and fashionable.